Environment Essay: Effects Of A Hurtful Family Environment

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Miranda Rawson Effects of a Hurtful Family Environment What role does an environment play when it is hurtful, and how important is affection in family satisfaction? In this paper I will begin by discussing what environment may be considered hurtful and how affection plays a role in environments and family satisfaction. As well as how environments and affection are affected in relationships outside the family. Finally, I will also discuss the results of the study by Hesse, Rauscher, Roberts, & Ortega, (2014). Hurtful environments are any type of environment that may cause distressing conditions. This could be anything from neglect, low levels of affection, belittling, and sometimes violence. One important aspect of environment is family, specifically family communication and affection. The article by Hesse, Rauscher, Roberts, & Ortega (2014) explained that family communication climate can affect how parents and children alike deal with relationships both inside and outside of their family. When individuals do not know how to create affectionate relationships within a family unit, creating relationships outside of a family becomes a difficult task. At the beginning of the article by Hesse, Rauscher, Roberts, & Ortega, (2014), affection exchange theory is explained, how it is human nature to give and receive affection, which can lead to personal and health benefits such as living a happier and healthier life. The purpose of the study was to observe the relationship

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