Environment In The Kite Runner

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Environment is displayed in different ways. The actual definition of environment is not just the geographical aspect surrounding an individual, but also the psychological aspects as well. The environments around people are not only seen through our eyes but through our minds. This idea of different environments; both physically and mentally is explored by Amir. An Afghan boy, and the main character in the novel, The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini. In the novel, It is crucial for Amir to change the environment he lives in day-to-day. It is necessary for any individual, when facing a hardship or sin to escape from their environment; whether it is their surroundings or their mind. They need this change, in order to move on, bury their…show more content…
He had the great father, the ideal friend, and everything else he could of asked for. He had the stingray bike, the blue and golden watch, the notebook, the money. Perhaps from an outsider perspective, Amir had it all. The ideal environment. He was very fortunate, his family was wealthy. Yet even in the ideal environment could not please Amir’s mental environment. Amir’s environment in his mind, and everything surrounding him, including his father's coldness made Amir feel unloved and worthless. The pressure of society to be like Amir’s father was heartbreaking. In Amir’s mind he would never be good enough. He was a “tortured soul” from the beginning without even fully recognizing the extent of the troubled environment he faced. He grew to hate the environment he lived in. Not for all the aspects in it, but rather the way those aspects made him feel. After Hassan’s rape and abuse, Amir could not bear to see Hassan every day without the guilt and regret eating him alive. The sins he created and the guilt Amir experienced every day with Hassan being the reminder of all his crimes was the reason Amir needed a change of environment. Afghanistan was only a reminder of his shortcomings and faults. For many people, the need to hit that wall or some form of hardship to be able to move on and grow from it. For Amir, he could not heal and could not grow from his environment in Afghanistan. In order for him to develop and move on into his life he needed to abandon the environment he was raised on and seek something different and something
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