White Teeth And Radiant Way Analysis

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THE AFFECTIONS OF ENVIRONMENTS ON THE BEHAVIOUR OF PEOPLE White Teeth is written by an English author Zadie Smith, and The Radiant Way is written by an English author Margaret Drabble. Both writers are postmodernists. In the novels, there are some similarities like this, also they have some differences about house and environment. Firstly, people who are around us create our environments. In Zadie Smith 's White Teeth, the Halal butcher Mo, he is Muslim and he cuts pigeons which always make dirty in Cricklewood with his knife which he cuts the Halal meats. Also, he gives orders to his Hindu apprentice to collect the corpses of pigeons with a broken language: ' 'Come on, Mr Fatty-man, get-your-fat-Ganesh-Hindu-backside-up-there- Elephant-Boy-and-bring-some-of-that-mashed-pigeon-stuff-with-you.…show more content…
In The Radiant Way, Liz 's sister Shirley is also giving a party for the New Year. Altough Liz and Shirley are sisters. They are living very different lives. Shirley is a working class woman. And she lives with her family in Northam which is a small town in England. She prepares everything herself for her guests. Because Shirley does not have any servant to cook for her. She cooks cheese and onion crisps but her sister Liz gives her guests pistachio nuts which are very expensive. Also, the narrator explains the food with different words, she harmonises with the environment: ' 'The girl shouted abuse after him, then picked up her baby for comfort, and settled down to watch telly with the remains of a bag of cheese and onion crisps. ' ' 12 ' 'The blond shells of the pistachio nuts, with their seductive little green gleaming cracks, repose in a small Sheffied plate dish on a stem, an oval dish which echoes, satisfactorily, elegantly, the shape of the nuts: the surface of its lining is tinily scratched, pitted and polished, golden, antique, dull but shining. ' ' 13 These problems are related to social class. But social class is related to environment. People make our
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