Environmental Accounting Case Study

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Chapter 4:
Environmental Accounting
Environmental Accounting
Environment is mother and economy is son, and accounting is the language that son can understand, and building sector is the son’s shelter. In this study, accounting tries to explain to the mother’s concerns about the bad effect of her son’s shelters on her breath and future life. Here's environmental accounting, gives mother’s recommendations to the son in one of the important aspect (building sector) of green living such as building sector. As in the first chapter, the role of accounting for Green environment noted, here is a combination of accounting and environment is a main keyword.
This study has a history about EA in chapter 1 which is provides The development of Chinese
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It involves identification of data sources and gaps, collection and processing of data, preparation of accounts in physical and monetary terms, computation of environmentally adjusted accounting aggregates, and the dissemination, electronically from a database or as a statistical report. As an accounting process, the task is deemed complete when integrated accounts and aggregates are presented for a particular accounting period.
In a broad sense, however, environmental accounting is also a policy process that runs throughout the accounting phase and beyond. Although accounting is carried out by specialized institutions, discussions of environmental accounts, particularly at the initial stage of its implementation, typically involve collaborative efforts by different government agencies, non-governmental sectors and external organisations. seriesf-78E
EA is a term with a variety of meanings. In many backgrounds, environmental accounting is taken to mean the identification and reporting of environment specific costs, such as liability costs or waste disposal costs. For the purposes of this thesis, a much more general definition is used. "Environmental accounting" is more than accounting for environmental benefits and costs of C&D and C&D wastes. It is accounting for building cost and 5 main building materials costs and demolition cost for 1 meter
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EA can do a business planning process much better and Calculating costs and savings of Environmental project, EA is good for design and implementation of environmental management systems and developing of environmental performance measures, evaluation, indicators, and bench marking. EA ensuring that environmental performance management systems are integrated into the business management systems and external environment or sustainable reporting. On the other hand EA helps to incorporating environmental considerations into the capital budgeting decision and also helps for investment appraisal, and calculating investment options. One of the very import and of EA is pricing or product costing or (building costing)and setting quantifies performance costing. An environmental accounting system contributes to maximising shareholder value. More importantly, it contributes to the preservation of the environment and the creation of a better world for future green
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