Environmental Analysis Of Fendi

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Introduction – Fendi
Founded in Rome by Adele and Edoardo Fendi in the year of 1925, Fendi has transformed into today’s international brand focusing on luxury fashion business with diversified product lines. (LVMH 2015)

In this essay, there will be a discussion on how Fendi utilize its capabilities such as innovative techniques on fur, its resources such as its reputable name and its core competencies such as its inspirational designer, fetch the brand to a new height.

In addition, an environmental analysis will be done to analyze the industry. Various activities which Fendi is focusing will be also discussed, deriving the valuable value chain activities for the luxury fashion market.

Core competencies
In the luxury fashion industry,
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This can be seen through one of the sensation marketing events that received outstanding response was the fashion show at the Great Wall of China, showcasing Fendi’s latest fashions and specially designed collections (The FMD - FashionModelDirectory.com 2015).

As for Fendi’s core competencies, the top of the list is Karl Lagerfeld, who joined the company since 1965. The creator of the “FF” logo symbol, is the influential figure who created lighter fur and coats using innovative techniques and contributed his exquisite fashion sense, exclusive design ideas and valuable expertise, where these capabilities of him gave Fendi an edge over its competitors. Such rare and valuable talent in the company cannot be substitute or imitate. (Lifeinitaly.com 2012)

The next core competency shall be Silvia Venturini Fendi, the creator of the first Baguette bag that became a symbolic status icon. Silvia has shown her capabilities through organising fashion shows, managing events, etc. Silvia’s creativity has led Fendi in the successful creation of the Spy Bag as well as B FENDI. These made her fit into the VRIN framework as well. (Fibre2fashion.com
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these qualities differentiated Fendi from its competitors. The brand continuously explores new and extravagant designs and ideas, and produces every of its single piece of its handmade collections in Italy. Every aspects of the value chain activities are being managed and assured by Fendi. With Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi relevant to its core competencies, more extravagant designs, innovative techniques, ideas, successful fashion launches will be added to the storyline of Fendi.

Starting from design till production, Fendi has its own teams taking care of the physical management of its products, product life cycles and other activities, ensuring the designs and quality of product lines are of the value that consumers are paying for.

As for its sales and marketing strategies, it has not only opened about 200 stores across the globe, but have also give distributor rights to some luxury distributors such as Valiram, Bluebell, Chalhoub, Shreyans, etc, better market development and market positioning (Hines and Bruce

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