Environmental Awareness In The Environment

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Entering the 21st century, the environment is changing. Global warming becomes the buzzword. Global warming is the result of the lack of ability to conserve the environment such as lack of conserving energy, air pollution from automobiles, and lack of green spaces as well the aging of the planet Earth. According to Novandari (2011), in the last three decades environmental awareness has increase dramatically. Novandari (2011) states that in the last three decades, environmental awareness of consumers has been dramatically increasing. This consumer awareness has a great impact on consumer behavior. The latest trend is the growing number of people who are aware of environmental issues. They are called green consumers. The increase of consumer awareness gives challenge to producers to provide a guarantee that their products are safe and environmentally safe. Consumers also need to be more careful in decision making that involving the environment (Pratama, 2014). Thus, some producers apply green marketing strategy to cope with the challenges. As stated by Chen (2008a), there are five reasons why companies use green marketing,, which are. The development of green marketing is slow but according to a survey by AC Nielsen, it is found that in some countries including Indonesia consumers are showing great awareness on environmental issues. This is showed by the existence of green campaign movements such as establishing of no smoking area in some cities in Indonesia such as Surabaya,

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