Environmental Impact On Marine Environment

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This is our ocean… once a city full of diverse ecosystems sustaining life from microscopic to the largest animal that has ever lived on Earth, ... now a barren wasteland. The ecological systems beneath our feet play a vital role in our everyday lives; producing half the oxygen we breathe and absorbing 30% of carbon dioxide emitted from the atmosphere. An issue that has too often been shied away is the fact that our ocean is undergoing serious environmental changes, which is a disturbance to the economic, social, and physical environment often caused by human influences and natural ecological processes. A variety of human activities lead to this change, including agriculture, urbanisation and tourism. The three
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There is no death possible in the oceans — there will always be life — but they're getting sicker every year." - Jacques Yves Cousteau, Oceanographer


The oceans are changing, and have been naturally throughout time. However, new evidence suggests that impacts from human activities in the last 5 decades have been greater than anything seen during the history of marine life billions of years before. The major causes of this environmental change include; overfishing, ocean acidification and
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Their prime mission is to protect and raise awareness about marine life in the Gulf of Maine through education and inspiring action. The organisation helps educate society on how important it is for us to look after our marine life and human impacts through firsthand experiences, including beach cleanups, whale watches, school programs and their Blue Ocean Discovery Center in Hampton Beach. They are also inspiring and taking action through pollution prevention campaigns and introducing simple behavior changes anyone can easily adapt to. They’ve successfully conducted 202 beach cleanups around the globe, resulting in the removal of over 3000 kg of debris from the coast, and conducted the first underwater lobster trap cleanup in New Hampshire waters, which resulted in the removal of 24 traps and removed over 200kg of

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