Environmental Protection Case Study

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Environmental protection and energy conservation
The company actively organized employees to participate in afforestation activities, called on employees to protect the ecological environment on their own efforts.

On the other hand, the company attaches a great importance to energy conservation and emissions reduction. The company is committed to the details on the whole process, with a variety of measures held together, and pays close attention to implementation, which has made the public felt satisfied with the results. In terms of energy efficiency, the company continued to conduct online transactions which could brings a reducing on the consumption of related materials generated; on the printing part, printing a document must be double-sided printing, that the company adheres to the use of electronic bills which could reduce paper consumption; minimizing on-site meetings, increase video conferencing or conference calls to reduce the costs of materials. On water cherishing education to the employees, the company had formed few times of conferences during the period, furthermore, the company had installed sensor-type water-saving faucet in the internal public toilet, which could reduce water waste efficiently. At the end of the daily work, the company would ask all employees to close all the electrical
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Since the release of "The State Council on the promotion of capital market reform and opening up and stable development of a number of opinions", the capital market reform and system construction has made important progress, especially the successful implementation of the split share structure reform, the market operation mechanism and the operating environment is being improved, the capital market function and the securities market continue to play a healthy development. The restriction of development in the factors of basic and institutional problems gradually

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