Environmental Context Analysis Of Coca Cola

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Body: Environmental Context Analysis: The context analysis is a method that analysis the environmental of the Coca Cola company. Mostly focus on the entire environmental of the Coca Cola Company the internal and the external environment. Also develop the strategy plan for the company. This environment context analysis considers as major aspects for any business. Coca Cola Company focused on this term to develop the company and have the complete share market among the competitor. Demographic Environment: The study of the population for the Coca Cola in many terms like age and income etc... Coca Cola Company in United Arab Emiratis targets all ages. The total population of the United Arab Emirates is approximately 9 million (United Arab Emirates…show more content…
So the Coca Cola Company don’t have any problem with producing their product in the United Arab Emirates, since Coca Cola Company is following the rules by the United Arab Emirate’s government. Technological Environment: The United Arab Emirates is one of the developed countries in the world. The more technology the Coca Cola Company utilize the more productive it sell. One of the major technology the Coca Cola Company utilizing in the United Arab Emiratis is media. Media has big role in attracting the costumers also it increases the sale of the products especially when the Company use Celebrities for their ads. The second technology that the Coca Cola Company offered for the population is vending machine this would be faster way to have beverage and you can find it many places. Natural Environment: Since that the United Arab Emirates doesn’t have enough raw material so the Coca Cola Company having difficulties with producing the product. Coca Cola Company utilized the most quality material for the Bottles and cans so it can be recycled, also can affect the environment of the United Arab Emiratis…show more content…
This can be achieved in many things that the company can do. Coca Cola Company in the United Arb Emirates is having the advanced over the rivals through offering better quality product and lowering the price for the costumers. SWOT Analysis: Strength The Coca Cola Company is the oldest and most famous beverage company in the world. The world largest market share in non- alcohol beverages. The strongest in market share and advertising in the United Arab Emirates. (Kenneth J. DeFranco, 2015). Weakness The weakness of the Coca Cola Company is the health issue. Some of the products can lose some of the costumers. Some of the product can cause obesity to the consumer. Opportunities Increasing of the healthy beverages of the Coca Cola Company. Since that many costumer demand healthy beverages, the Coca Cola Company has a chance to expand its product with drinks with low sugar and calories (Abbasi). Threat The threat that face Coca Cola Company is the consumer concern of healthy beverages. The high amount of the sugar, calories and fat this can lose the costumer loyalty. Many customer will shift to another beverage that has low sugar and

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