Environmental Degradation Analysis

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The status of environmental conditions for forests, soils, water and air in developing countries is at an all-time low as the loss and the destruction of forests continues day by day as millions of trees are cut down every single year. The consequences of these actions would only been seen by future generations as developing countries continue to neglect the needs of the environment and focus only on the development of their infrastructures and economies. I agree with the statement that the environment of developing countries is being degraded/compromised for economic growth Firstly because of the biggest problems facing the populations of most developing countries is the access to healthy and clean drinking water, it is estimated that nearly…show more content…
Environmental Degradation is mainly caused by too much pressure extended on our immediate environment for our daily livelihood or by the state as a means of securing foreign currency or exchange. People especially those in the provinces obtain their daily bread from their immediate environment in many ways that will eventually degraded the environment to an extent that they will venture into deeper exploitation. This trend will continue to an extend that the environment is no longer sustainable and would not be able to satisfy the livelihood of the community which will eventually lead to more poverty and environmental related problems such as draughts , famine , air and water pollution , deforestation ,encroachment of agricultural land , poor sanitation etc. To dwell in the topic proper, we would like to start answering the ways by which poverty lead to environmental degradation. A link between the two will also be established along the way to show how the two are interrelated. Poverty forces one to venture into more extensive agriculture by clearing marginal land for cultivation. This will expose the soil to destructive environmental forces. The vegetation cover is loosed and will lead to more rapid erosion of the top soil needed for cultivation. Also bush burning and charcoal burning and fetching of firewood for cooking leading to deforestation will cause a lot of damage to the environment. This will also lead to air and water pollution leading to more environmental hazard. It will also further deepen the poverty situation because draught may occur and the nutrient of the soil is reduced since the soil is exposed to lot of degradation, which also leads to low productivity and therefore more poverty and the emergence of many kinds of diseases as a result of the contamination of the environment and

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