Environmental Destruction In The Environment

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Environmental destruction can occur in various ways; however, it is proven that releasing unreserved amount of carbon gases (CO2, CH4, NO2 and CFCs) into the environment is one of the most serious causes that led the destruction critically, for instance, these gasses instigate climate changes that affect many environmental disturbances (Chapin III et al., 2000). In addition, burning fossil fuel is the major human activity that releases carbon gasses through transportation and industry. However, it is not reasonable to argue that increasing the cost of fuel is the most efficient way to solve the immediate and imminent problems that the environment faces when there are other methods that would produce more efficient outcomes. Therefore, this…show more content…
For instance, transportation and Industries areas are responsible for the high demand of fossil fuel, so it is clear that they are the main forms of environmental degradation (Worldometers.info, 2016). This means that if people can reduce the use of fuel in these areas there would be positive outcomes on the environment. (Conserve-Energy-Future, 2015) but, the issue is, there is no guarantee that there will be a decrease in the amount of released carbon gasses when the cost of fuel is increased. Furthermore, in the last 15 years in the UK, there was a major, rapid increase in the cost of fuel and fuel taxations (PetrolPrices.com, 2016), but there were no decrease in vehicle usage. In fact, it rose in millions (BBC News, 19 June 2016). Therefore, not only this totally undermines argument that increasing cost of fuel can decrease the demand of it, but also would not it lead to any environmental…show more content…
For instance, introduce fuel efficient vehicles which emit low amount of toxic gasses into the air, as examples; hybrid vehicles, biodiesel vehicles, ethanol vehicles and natural gas vehicles (Cheapcarinsurance.net, 2016). Furthermore, promote alternative energy resources such as hydropower ocean wave’s energy, wind energy, solar power geothermal energy and etc (Ghazi A. Karim, Fuels, Energy and the environment) and expand the use of these energy sources in public transportation and industry areas. In addition, the government can produce new law suits to reduce the carbon intensity and other environmental demolitions caused by fossil fuel (Neslen, 2015), as an example, establish new law suits to use alternative energies and constrain the usage of fuel and also for the management of fossil fuel energy. It is proven factor that these substitute solutions can provide proficient results with careful planning and implementation. For these reasons, it is reasonable to say that there are other solutions can get more positive outcomes to environmental security and improvements rather than the increase the cost of

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