Environmental Education: Lesson Theme: Air Pollution Has On The Environment

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CAPS Phase: Intermediate
Knowledge Strand: Environmental Education GRADE: 4 LEARNING AREA:
Life Skills TOPIC: Pollution
Lesson Theme: Air pollution
• Will know the impact pollution has on the environment
• Be able to explain what pollution is
• List examples of pollution
• List sources of pollution
• Understand that pollution is harmful to all living things
• Be able to list the various types of pollution
• Know the causes of pollution
• Know that our community has an unhealthy pollution problem
• Give ways in which we can all contribute to minimize pollution Learners must be able to:
• know and understand the importance of the environment
• list the different types of pollution
• describe the effect of air pollution
• understand the negative impacts of human activities on the Environment and suggest how these can be minimized or prevented
• do research on the importance of the Environment and write a report

CONTENT: • Learners are taken outside the classroom and walk around the school to observe what is in that environment e.g. Trees, grass, flowers, birds or insects around.
• Discuss what pollution could harm that area. Also explain what will happen if any one of life cycles in the area die. How will the environment be affected by it?
• Show learners pictures of polluted rivers. These must include pollution such as washing clothes in the river, rubbish laying in the water, children or animals in the river, boats travelling in the river. These

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