Environmental Education Literature Review

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Over the decades, problems relating to degradation of natural resources and pollution have amplified dramatically. Natural resources are depleted by excessive use without check. Deforestation, biodiversity loss, fresh water scarcity on a global scale and soil depletion are some of the problems that have become a main concern for the world today. Air and water pollution have already reached very levels that have already resulted in many serious health problems, as well as harmful impact on the environment, and unavoidably influencing prospects for future economic growth. Awareness is essential to solve these problems. Thus, Environmental studies as a subject is compulsory from primary to secondary school. Incorporating environmental education…show more content…
This chapter presents the review of literature in this area in a systematic way. Biswas (1990) in his study titled “Attitude of secondary school students towards environment in Itanagar”. The study found that 1) secondary students generally hold a positive attitude towards the environment 2) attitude of boys and girls differed significantly; boys are more positive attitude than girls 3) attitude towards environment of urban and rural students differed significantly as urban students showed a significantly positive attitude towards the environment more than rural students Shahnawaj (1990) conducted a study on ‘Environmental Awareness and Environmental Attitude of Secondary and Higher Secondary School Teachers and Students in the state of Rajasthan’. The study revealed that 95% teachers and 94% students had a positive attitude towards the environment. The environmental trained teachers and untrained teachers had no difference in their attitudes. Teachers had higher awareness level about environment than students. But trained and untrained teachers did not differ on environmental…show more content…
The objectives of the study were: to assess the environmental awareness and environmental attitude of students studying in class X of different streams belonging to rural and urban backgrounds of different schools of Moradabad city. The study showed that: The students of science stream have higher environmental awareness and better environmental attitude than the students of non-science stream. In terms of their environmental awareness and environmental attitude, students belonging to urban background are relatively better than students with rural background. In terms of their environmental awareness and environmental attitudes, the male and female students do not differ

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