Environmental Effects Of Acid Rain

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Acid rain has many ecological, physiological and adverse economic effects. Over the years, Man has been warned on effects of pollution and its effects on the environment. This pollution has seen economies die due to over pollution of acidic substances ending up on their products, aquatic life, wildlife and many countries have too lost money on conventional sittings each year trying to see a way to curb the effects of environmental pollution. Production firms over the years have been warned on the proper disposal of all residual chemicals after production but due to ignorance over the years this piles up and ends up being deposited mostly in rivers, streams, lakes and large water masses. This ends up evaporating into the atmosphere forming condensed clouds that precipitate forming rainfall that forms the hydrologic cycle and ends up back into our rivers. This paper focuses on the formation of acid rain and its environmental effects in North America and Europe. Acid rain comes in both wet and dry deposition. The wet deposition is snow, sleet, fog and rain that usually have a higher PH acidic value than the normal rainfall. Dry deposition is when gases and dust particles also end up having a higher acidic value. Both dry & wet deposition can be carried for long distances by wind as sulfur dioxide and nitric acid easily mix with other substance and they are light in weight thus wind can carry them for long distances. Formation of this deposition occurs when environmental

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