Environmental Effects Of Air Pollution

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A condition in which in which the quality of air is affected by the presence of chemical, biological or physical substances in the air is called air pollution. The definition of air pollution suggested that air pollution is consists of gases, liquids and solid particles, these substances when present in adequate levels for a significant time and also under specific conditions, tend to affect the human health, human welfare and also cause the damage to environmental sustainability. Air pollution causes ozone depletion, creates smog, acid rain, and other hazardous environmental phenomena. According to---, air pollution can be defined as the presences of harmful chemicals and compounds including biological origin, in the air that they become a serious health risk. In the broader sense the term air pollutants mean those chemicals that have toxic health effects and does not present in the air naturally but they released into the air by through some human activities directly or indirectly. Air pollution is linked with several health effects that include respiratory illness, cancers, heart disease among the people who are exposed to polluted air (Climate and Clean Air Coalition and WHO 2016; Brimblecombe & László 2005; Chen, Goldberg, & Villeneuve 2008). Air pollution can be caused by several factors including industrial emission, forest fire, domestic combustion equipment and emission through transports and the list is virtually endless (WHO 2017; Daly & Zannetti 2007). Some of
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