Essay On Industrial Air Pollution

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Everyone breathes air, but not everyone breathes the same air. Everyone deserves the chance to breathe the wonderful air the earth has to offer. Without air, humans would be extinct within a matter of minutes. Air pollution from production started in the 16th century, but volcanoes have been polluting the air for thousands of years. Pollution causes smog and soot and is dangerous to the environment. While there may be challenges, there are ways to fight pollution and make this world as beautiful as it once was. Industrial and commercial energy production accounts for 30 percent of all the United States (U.S.) greenhouse gas emissions. All these efforts have helped, and have made much progress. However, all this production use is killing our earth and something needs to change. Industrial…show more content…
While factories are getting eco-friendlier, they are still hurting the environment. To make energy, fossil fuels must be burnt, which releases gases and chemicals into the air. Benzene is volatile petroleum product, and a carcinogen. When benzene is released into the air, it causes lung, skin, and eye irritation. If mercury comes into the air, it can weaken a child’s ability to learn. Another way that humans hurt the environment is through transportation. Carbon Dioxide is the biggest pollutant emitted from cars, planes, and power plants. Burning carbon and organic compounds produces Carbon Dioxide (“Air Pollution Causes”). Carbon Dioxide raises the temperature of the earth, otherwise known as global warming; over time, it has also made the ocean 30 percent more acidic, which effects all living things in the ocean. From all these pollutants coming into the air, there have been more draughts, storms, heatwaves, and melting oceans (Neidell 20). In only the past 100 years, the earth’s temperature has risen .7 degrees Celsius. Many options have been put on the table to help this problem, but which ones will

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