Environmental Effects Of Air Pollution

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Everyone breathes air, but not everyone breathes the same air. Everyone deserves the chance to breathe the wonderful air the earth has to offer. Without air, humans would be extinct within a matter of minutes. Air pollution from production started in the 16th century, but volcanoes have been polluting the air for thousands of years. Pollution causes smog and soot and is dangerous to the environment. While there may be challenges, there are ways to fight pollution and make this world as beautiful as it once was. Industrial and commercial energy production accounts for 30 percent of all the United States (U.S.) greenhouse gas emissions. All these efforts have helped, and have made much progress. However, all this production use is killing our earth and something needs to change. Industrial air pollution is detrimental to the ecosystem; it leads to a decline in human health, it harms plants and animals, and it can exacerbate climate change. The problems with industrial pollution started at the end of the 16th century. However, air pollution problems really started to show throughout the dawn of the industrial revolution. This pollution came from the mining of coal, which produces smog, killed many people during this time. The first known case of cholera occurred during this time, cholera is an infectious disease in the small intestine. Seven-thousand people died from this disease from 1831-1832 (McKenzie). Typhoid, is an infectious bacterial fever that causes many red
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