Environmental Effects Of Environmental Pollution

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Care for the environment has gradually become monumental responsibility among countries of the world. This goal is of utmost significance for achieving ‘sustainable consumption’, ‘sustainable communities’ ‘sustainable future’, and ‘sustainable world’. Thus, this study presents a sociological analysis of the impacts of environmental pollution with the motive to provide practical information on the rising neighborhood risks affecting sustainable development in Lagos metropolis, Nigeria. Also, to empirically showcase the culture of coping with pollution that is absent in contemporary study. The study adopts descriptive survey design in which questionnaire and in-depth interviews are methods used for data collection while data analysis was carried out using descriptive statistics and content analysis. The result revealed that there is strong correlation between wastes production, disposal and pollution in Lagos metropolis. As such, majority of the residents specifically those living in polluted environs develops coping strategies to survive living in polluted environment.
Keywords: Environment, Pollution, Culture, People, Development

The term ‘environment’ has been defined to mean the aggregate of geographical, physical, biological, socio-cultural, political setting that determine one’s survival and the ability to meet existential developmental needs. In simple expression, Einstein interprets the environment to mean “everything that is not me” (see
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