Environmental Effects Of Littering

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Littering effects everyone and everyone litters, so why do we do it? Littering not only makes the area look dirty, it affects the economy, the wildlife, is a safety hazard, expensive and even wasteful. Litter by definition, consists of waste products that have been disposed of improperly, without consent, in an inappropriate location (Geller, 1975). Nowadays, litter in our surroundings is an important environmental issue, which many people overlook. While majority of people do know that littering is a bad thing, many continue to carelessly scatter their trash around nonetheless. The causes of littering are very simple and easy to establish, while remember, the effects of littering are complex and difficult to deal with. If everyone in the world…show more content…
This figure continues to rise with the increase in population and living standard. As a result, we can see everywhere there is garbage no matter at home, office, shop, side road, playgrounds and in the rivers (Armitage and Rooseboom, 1999). As a result, it will harm our children on playgrounds through broken glass or metal because of the irresponsible people who like to threw rubbish everywhere. Not only that, littering may hurts people by causing accidents on highways from debris being thrown out of car windows or wind (Patricia, 2007). This situation not only defile the environment but also will cause a stink surrounding circumstances and thus attracting the attention of pests such as rats and flies in which these animals also are carriers of dangerous diseases such as cholera. Consequently, garbage-infested areas make daily life uncomfortable. Food and drinks are constantly exposed to germs carried by flies. Families with children also received adverse effects of uncontrolled land fills. Furthermore, the water reservoir in land fill has become mosquito to breeding grounds. More water reservoir, the more and faster it is to reproduce. This condition leads to the spread of Dengue Fever disease that can be fatal to humans. In…show more content…
It can affect the image of the area and can also give the impression that the residents of the area do not have a responsibility. One simple mistake that we often overlook is throwing garbage through a car window. Thing like this if continuously happen will cause the environment to be dirty as can be seen at city centre and bus station. Moreover, this kind of places often visited by tourists from abroad. Consequently this will show that our country not conscious about cleanliness. Besides, recently government strives to promote tourism industry in this country. It is very disappointing when we see recreational areas such as beaches and resorts contaminated by debris. This includes forest areas which often occur that hikers leave trash in the forest. I believe that one of the tourist attractions in this country is a natural forest, clean and fresh. If the area is already polluted by garbage so it will not be attractive anymore and to clean the remote area like this is not easy. Then once again, economic resources will be affected because the number of foreign tourists who come to this country has decreased (Armitage and Rooseboom, 1999). Therefore, every individual should refrain from throwing rubbish indiscriminately or in places where that was not

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