Environmental Effects Of Radiation Pollution

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Radiation is one of the most threatening events as it affects all life forms including the aquatic ecosystem. One of the most dangerous type of radiation that affects the aquatic life is ultraviolet radiation as the main effect of it is the death of marine plants and animals. That is not the only source of radiation pollution but there are also other kinds of radiation pollution like radioactive materials pollution. Radiation pollution has very serious effects on marine life and general introduction requires to note that for the given criteria for radiation in terms of time (low level constant and high level), radiation risks must be analyzed separately for each geographical area. This is because of the presence or absence of sources dictates the existence of which exposure type. For instance, Egypt does not have nuclear power plants and so only exhibits radiation pollution in the form of low level constant exposure. Fertilizer industry run offs and UV radiation are main culprits. On the international scale, high level exposure comes to dominate our discussion. The 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster would be of note. So in this review, radiation would be addressed through its sources, effects, detection and control.
The radiation pollution sources are due to several human activities. Nuclear explosions, detonations of nuclear weapons and Defense weapon production: the greatest amounts of human-induced radiation pollution have been generated in the mid
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