Environmental Effects Of Water Pollution

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Water pollution is one of the biggest threats to the environment today. There are several sources of water pollution ranging from sewage and fertilizers to soil erosion. The impact of water pollution on wildlife and their natural habitat can be immense. One of the main causes of water pollution which I am going to talk about in this paper is using chemical in agricultural land.
For growing good crops often we used chemical fertilizer which can be harmful for environment. The use of chemical in agriculture sector mostly cause harmful for water and the living species lives in water. The impacts of pollution on freshwater species are can be cause in the loss of some species, with though some profits for some of them.
For example, from the readings we knew that there is a chemical named Sumithion, which is widely used to control brittle in paddy fields and tiger bug in fish larval rearing ponds. This chemical has both good and bad affect on fish. In different period of time in fish life cycle it affects differently. Such as, the chemical affect on catfish, this chemical help to produce lots of larva of but when those larvas became adult fish, the fishes are affected by some dieses which reduce the number of adult fish as well as the eaters of those fish become sick. So, the use of that kind of chemicals should be reduce.
On the other hand, many researchers are research about the chemical effects on the fish, and they found that in some level of the water the effects of the

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