Climate Change In Annie Dillard's Pilgrim At Tinker Creek

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Many people have advocated for changes in our policies towards nature as they understand that our surrounding environment is constantly under human abuse. Yet many also deny that our actions have any substantial negative effect, such as those who deny the existence of global warming. However, I believe that our actions have severe impacts on the environment around us and I intend to research studies revealing the various consequences of human activity. In Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, Dillard’s friend Zacharias experiences a flood that submerges a “whole town...under water [causing] all the electrical power” (Dillard 158) to go out. Although some skeptics around the world believe that climate change is a hoax and unscientific, many respected scientists have concluded that environmental changes brought around by humans have altered the patterns of rainfall around the world, resulting in serious consequences. Narration Climate change itself is a manmade alteration to the earth’s natural homeostasis. By instigating climate change, humans have made it so a wide variety of problems have become apparent. One of many complications is the change in precipitation patterns, which can lead to flooding via extreme storms and can even cause extreme droughts. This problem is a serious one as every year, billions of…show more content…
Through my investigations regarding this matter, I have cemented my belief that humans need to change their ways even if it costs them short-term benefits. In order to do so, humanity needs to reach a consensus and move to reform and create numerous ecological policies. Without such an agreement, many citizens each year will continue to suffer from the consequences of extremely heavy rainfall and the flooding that results from

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