The Influence Of Light On Paper

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a) Environmental
• Light
Light is a form of radiant energy as such it is a source of energy needed for chemical reaction such as the breakdown of complex cellulose molecules to simpler molecules in paper. Damage that occur in archive often happen when the materials are exposed to direct sunlight, fluorescent light and ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet is the most harmful to archival materials. The accessiveness in having the light affects paper in several way. It speed up the rate of oxidization and hasten chemical breakdown. It might bleach the papers and ink which will brought to the fading of images. If lignin is present, light will react with it to darken the paper.

• Heat A high atmospheric temperature is one of the source of heat.
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They are measured through relative humidity. Organic object absorbs water through the surrounding air. Papers absorbs moisture when there is high humidity in the area. Even though some amount of humidity is needed for the paper, but if the humid is too high, it will cause the paper to be soggy and the moisture weakens the fibres of paper. Also, because of moisture, it will bring to various types of physical, chemical and biological deterioration of materials.

• Dust and dirt
It consist of fine dry particles that present is the air. It is harmful to archival collection it is a composition of soil, tar, metallic substances, fungus spores and moisture among other things. Dust and dirt are both the sources of physical and chemical degradation of archival materials. Dust turns into nucleus around which moisture collects. Because of dust and dirt are sold particles, they cause the effect on the surface on books.

• Water
Water is a mixture of solid, liquid and gas. It function as physical agent of deterioration that cause hygroscopic materials to undergo dimensional changes. It is harmful to archival materials which the sources might come from the carelessness of human, natural disasters, leaking roof or even through open windows that opened while raining. When paper exposed to this factor, it will become rotten leather, smeared ink in paper, weaken the adhesive, and sustained the
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Also, it attract to dust and dirt. Silverfish grow in holes of papers, prints, photographs, catalogue cards and also card board boxes. While the dark spaces of racks, catalogue cabinets, and also drawers are the place where their egg laid. Then for cockroaches, they are brown or blackish brown in colour. To survive, they eat paper leaves, bookbinding, fabrics and other organic materials. They active during the night and live in a damp, cleavages in wall and also floors. They cause the paper to stains and hardly to remove one it is

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