Global Warming Impact On Polar Bears Essay

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When people talk about global environmental problems, they commonly to regard Global Warming as the greatest problem confronting the future survival of humanity. There are countless scientific evidences showing the dangers, especially to the environment, and one of the most notable consequences of Global Warming is the impact on polar bears. Since polar bears are terribly affected and they are losing their icy habitat, they have become an iconic animal of Global Warming and have drawn a lot of attentions from publics, experts and medias. Though polar bears are good swimmers, pictures of polar bears on an isolated ice sheet at the peril of drowning when the ice sheet melts are often used to represent the tragic consequences of Global Warming on the frozen ecosystems. This formed a suspicion that is climate change really threatening polar bears. Therefore, this paper will show that Global Warming has obvious and multiple impacts on the polar bears; in spite of many facts showing them being endangered, there are some people claiming of them being fine.
Global Warming, a significant change in climate and temperature, is caused by accumulation of carbon in the
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In reality, the polar bears are facing real risk of extinction since the Global Warming has ruined their way of life; for instance, it mismanaged their foraging behavior, creating more difficulty for the bears to capture their preys. Couple with unpleasant climate that they must adapt to live with. Regrettably, their icy home is melting resulted by the climate and there is no sign of this incident being stopped. Although, it can be stopped only if every individuals aware of this unfortunate incident and greatly lessen Greenhouse gases

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