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Indeed the entirety of my life so far has flourished on my passion to make myself useful. Not only to better my life but also to ensure that my usefulness affect others positively. My joy is made perfect in the day when through my acts, someone is able to smile. In my current capacity as a Site Manager, I have excelled on all projects I have worked on, using among others my strong interpersonal skills especially in the area of project supervision. I grew up in a slum and in a less privileged family. In spite of this I was determined to be better than my conditions. My mum did all she could to ensure I had a better education so she moved me from a lower class school to a second class school. I always excelled…show more content…
Environmental control is dear to my heart because I think every project be it building of infrastructure, dams; transportation system should be done to preserve the environment through planning and…show more content…
This network can be very useful when I embark a new job search, developing my career path, building business relationships. Thus I can easily establish businesses to create employment for my community members which will help reduce the unemployment rate in Ghana. I already have some knowledge in environmental engineering due to the fact that I have a civil engineering background. Also, during my undergraduate degree, my results in environmental engineering courses were great and my GRE results are equally good. Furthermore I possess excellent analytical skills; planning and designing skills hence this program will be a best fit for me. I also have 3 years working experience in the civil engineering industry. I am a committed individual; looking back at my background; I have not allowed fears and people to come in the way of achieving my dreams hence if considered by the admissions committee; I would be so committed and hardworking and make the school proud. Also, it has always being my dream to be a great engineer; to inspire young girls like me from less privileged homes. I am one step ahead with an undergraduate degree and I would love to be given the nest step by the admissions team to pursue a graduate degree to be able to realize my dream and giveback to

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