Environmental Factors Affecting Brain Growth And Development

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Environmental factors and the affects it has on brain growth and development What affects a child’s brain growth and development? This is a question that teachers, doctors, and parents often ask themselves. The answer is there are many things that affect a child’s brain growth and development. In fact, everything that a child experiences can play an important role. The factor that I want to focus on is the environment. How does the environment affect a child’s brain growth and development? There are five areas of child development. These areas are cognitive which is thinking and learning, social/emotional, speech/language, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills. The environment influences a child’s development. A child’s environment mostly consists of a child’s family and school. That seems small but there are a lot of factors that are within those two areas. (Johnson, 2016). The first question that I ask myself is what is the environment? Is it only where the …show more content…

Often, parents think learning only happens at school but that is far from true: learning starts at home. Some examples of educational factors would be being the child read to, did the family members complete school, does the child attend an educational program, and is the family involved in the child’s education. When it comes to how education affects a child’s development the first question is what is the quality of education that the child is receiving. This determines how it affects the child. Most of the time, education systems are surrounded by positive upbeat caring teachers which encourages children to learn which increases their brain growth and development. Education increases children’s social development, but also can hurt a child’s social development if there is a problem with bullies. It raises a child’s cognitive skill by introducing new ideas, skills, concepts and opportunities. Education has a positive effect on child’s brain growth and development

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