Environmental Factors Affecting Tourism

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Environmental Factors that impact the marketing exercise:
Political Environment:

1.The stable democratic government currently under the leadership of visionary and tourism promoting narendra modi ensures stability for the tourism industry. Central cabinet also has a specific ministry of tourism with primal objective to device policies and implement strategies for the promotion of tourism industry in India. The recent government initiatives like “special tourism promoter’s officer’s scheme “and construction of infrastructure in tourist areas like the new airport at “kutch” shows government positive attitude towards the industry.

3. Every state in India has its own tourism department who try and promote their state in order to ensuring higher tourist inflow so as to generate greater revenues from the tourism industry .This competitiveness results in greater efficiency but has a harmful impact on the overall tourism industry.
Hence make my trip works in a political environment which is pro tourism.
Economic factors:

1. Indians currently adopting to lavish lifestyles and the GDP growth rate at almost 6% per annum ensures income rise and thus more disposable income to be spent in domestic tourism.

2 Increased economic growth results in greater investments in the infrastructure, creation of newer tourist avenues, beautification of towns and cities, thus another boost to the tourism industry.

3. The number of business visits also rise due to better economic health of the

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