What Are Environmental Factors Affecting Public Health

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In recent years there has been a growing awareness of the health problems associated with environmental factors. Therefore, numerous studies of how different factors affect population's health have significantly developed. In this essay the effects of air pollution and water pollution on public health will be discussed and some evidences will be provided to show how such pollution affects health.

One of the most serious factors affecting public health is ecological factors. Ecological factors include exposure to organic chemical air pollutants, such as sand, fumes and pesticides. Air pollution and organic chemical negatively affect all living nature and, as a consequence, human health. Air pollution contributes to some degree to almost all of the respiratory-related diseases that result in human with the exception of diseases that are solely a function of genetics factors. Although the respiratory tract is the main site where the body absorbs air pollutants, many other disease categories may have important associations with air pollution , for example, pregnancy, rheumatologic condition and mental health, but have not been extensively evaluated ( Mendal et al. 2015). One example of serious consequences of the air pollution on public health is what has been concluded from air pollution studies in China. It was shown that the PM2.5 fraction of pollutants
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Numbers of studies and statistics were given. Some aspects of waterborne diseases were discussed. However, as should become evident from the examples discussed in this essay, more further studies are required to measure accurately the effects of contaminated water and air pollution on health .It is important to bear in mind that health problems do not have a short-term solution and will require further studies which include detailed exposure assessment to better understand and manage the threat posed by air and water

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