Environmental Factors That Affect Photosynthesis

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There are many factors that can affect photosynthesis. Since water is used in photosynthesis, even a slight change in the amount of water can change the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide release from a plant. This causes their stomata to close.
Since the amount of water used in photosynthesis is very small, it acts as a limiting factor indirectly. It can maintain the turgor of assimilatory cells. When the turgor is lost, the stomata closes and photosynthesis decreases.
Photosynthesis is affected by water since water is one of the reactants of photosynthesis. The leaves of the plant can be dehydrated if not enough water is absorbed from the roots. The stoma on the leaves will close to preserve the water. This prevents CO2 from being absorbed, which also affects photosynthesis.
Photosynthesis is affected by the storage of water. Lack of water affects the amount of oxygen released from the plant during photosynthesis. If there is less water to combine with the carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, then less sugar and oxygen is made.
Radish seeds can grow all year. Different amounts of water can affect the growth of a radish seed. The amount of water the seeds get affect the quality of the plant. The radish seeds like lots of water and moist soil. If they do not have enough water,
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The plants use the water and carbon dioxide to create sugars and oxygen. The oxygen released from the plant helps us breathe. But, the amount of oxygen that is given off from the plant depends on how much water the plant is given. Different amounts of water creates different amounts of oxygen. If there is too little or too much water, then the plant won’t give off enough oxygen. The amount of water that plants need depends on the type of plant. Radish seeds need to have moist soil, but not soaking. Plants give off around 5 mL of oxygen per hour. With the amount of water varying, there will be more or less oxygen
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