Environmental Flow Research Paper

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Our water security is often achieved with little contemplation of environmental considerations and, even when these are accredited, the tussle between human and environmental water needs are increasing in frequency and amplitude. Thus comes the concept of environmental flows and it continues to evolve in response to these challenges. In order to understand the concept and importance of the Environmental flow, and its significance to our society, let us first have a look at some of the definitions of Environmental flow. As per IUCN definition, “an environmental flow is the water regime provided within a river, wetland or coastal zone to maintain ecosystems and their benefits where there are competing water uses and where flows are regulated”.…show more content…
This water is not returned properly back to these systems through any solid mechanism. The flow of our many precious and pristine rivers has been reduced or seasonally altered over the years resulting in changing the size and frequency of floods, the length and severity of droughts and adversely affecting these ecosystems. Modifications to flows in our water body systems for flood protection, hydropower production or irrigation may have significant positive development impacts but it also badly affects those who live in the floodplains and wetlands watered by floods. It also affects groundwater dependent ecosystems, which are replenished through river seepage. So altering the natural flow pattern by damming, diverting or channelling water takes a serious toll on the plants and animals that depend on it. Since our water bodies are under constant threat from various anthropogenic pressures, environmental flow concept if applied can help us to replenish these dying water systems including our Lakes and can help us to restore and rejuvenate these pristine natural resources. Moreover, it can also help us to mitigate flood threats. It can aid us in tapping the potential of our plentiful natural resources. There is a popular saying "a drop that flows out to sea is a drop

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