Environment Essay: How Humans Impact The Environment

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How do humans impact the environment? The environmental impact of humans is an important concept to learn and understand in today’s world so that we can be aware of what we do and possibly suggest alternatives and solutions to issues. There are various ways we impact our environment such as disposal methods and linear economy. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is thought to be around 1m sq km (386,000 sq miles), with the periphery spanning am further 3.5m sq km (1,351,000 sq miles) (Milman). Linear economy is when raw materials are used to make a product, and after its use any waste is thrown away (Waterstaat). Circular economy is when products and raw materials are also reused as much as possible (Waterstaat). Zero Waste is a way of maximizing…show more content…
There are different types of renewable energy such as solar power and hydropower. Solar power can be used in remote areas where it is too expensive to use electricity (“Solar Solution to the Growing Energy Problem.”). It can efficiently power everyday things. Solar power is pollution-free. It has a low maintenance cost. It is sustainable. The solar power panels are noise free. It helps you save money in the long run. Solar power has more energy than all the other energy sources combined (“Solar Power -- About Solar Power.”). Solar energy can reduces fires in third world countries because it will not be necessary to use candles during blackouts because there will be more than enough power supply. Since the sun’s energy is clean and pure, health problems like respiratory infections and cancer will be reduced (“Benefits of Renewable Energy Use.”). Solar power reduces water pollution because generating energy from renewable sources instead of fossil fuels can improve the health of the public and river ecosystems. Solar power reduces air pollution because solar panels don’t produce any greenhouse gases when they are generating electricity. Solar power reduces hazardous waste because it doesn’t rely on fuel to generate electricity, which eliminates the problem of radioactive waste storage and fuel transportation (“Solar Solution to the Growing Energy

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