Essay On Environmental Impact Of Plastic

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Environmental impact of plastics’ use and plastic recycling” Introduction:- The term "plastic" is derived from the Greek word "plastikos," meaning fit for molding, and "plastos," meaning molded. In line with this root etymology, and in the broadest sense, a plastic is a material that at some stage in its manufacture is able to be shaped by flow such that it can be extruded, molded, cast, spun, or applied as a coating. Plastics are polymers which are basically substances or molecules made up of many repeating molecular units of monomers. Monomers of hydrogen and carbon - hydrocarbons - are linked together in long chains to form plastic polymers. The raw hydrocarbon material for most synthetic plastics is derived from petroleum, natural gas…show more content…
It can be chemical resistant, clear or opaque, and practically unbreakable. They have wonderful qualities, and plastic plays many important roles for our daily life, but the extensive use of plastic is also causing unparalleled environmental problems, and creates serious health risks, especially for children. The commonly used and extremely toxic plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) , are phthalate chemicals , which are highly responsible for disrupting the endocrine system as well many health problems including cancers. Thus Plastic should be used wisely, with caution as appropriate alternatives do not exist or are not available. Causes of Plastic Pollution : Plastic is non-biodegradable and so the problems become perennial . Thin plastics are thrown anywhere and everywhere causing the subsequent ecological degradation problems arises as follows: i. It blocks the open sewage system and results in stagnation of sewage paving system. ii. Water stagnating on the plastics sprinkled on the land becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes which, in turn, produce diseases. iii. Plastic dumped on the earth prevents water penetration into the water
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