Environmental Impacts Of Diversity In Pakistan

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Pakistan is agriculture supported economy, development of cultivation areas through the construction and expansion of irrigation communications; also produce negative effects in the form of negative environmental impacts such as loss of biodiversity habitats, loss of productive lands due to water-logging, and salinity.

The influences of human actions on ecosystems have increased rapidly in the few decades. Existing unsustainable irrigation and other developments practices have become one of the major causes of direct and indirect land degradation and are a major threat to the wetlands and biodiversity (U Alam, P Sahota, and P Jeffery 2007).1-1
Biodiversity is the diversity of plant and animal life in the world or in a particular environment since an ecosystem is composite of association among the existing resources, habitats like tree, birds, water, fish, soil, shrubs, plants, micro-organism, , and people. The ecosystems change a lot in size and elements that make them up, but each is functioning unit of nature. Everything that exists in an ecosystem is reliant on other species and fundamentals that are also component of ecological community, if one part of an ecosystem is spoiled or vanish; it has impacts on whole biodiversity.

On other words, the biodiversity depicts the diversity and range of life on Earth. Large quantity (or diversity) is not only the excitement of life, it is necessary to existence. The range of biological life

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