Environmental Impacts Of Environmental Pollutions

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CHAPTER 6 . ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ANALYSIS 6.1. Impacts of Environmental pollution: Various impacts of environmental pollutions are listed below. a. Emissions from natural gas combustion and raw cement burning can cause negative effects on public health and lead to degradation of the surrounding environment. b. Several health problems such as respiratory disorders and allergies are attributed to such emissions. Inhalation of NOx interferes with the function of the human respiratory system and worsens the health condition of asthma patients even at low concentrations c. Increased SOx levels in the atmosphere are blamed for degradation of agricultural productivity and death of some plants in early stages. Similar impacts on human health and agricultural productivity are linked to high level of cement dust in the atmosphere. d. Accumulation of cement dust on leaves of plants prevents photosynthesis and respiration, and reduces the process of transpiration Spread of emissions is affected by climatic conditions that determine the deposition sites. e. Several studies indicate that air born particulate matter emissions are transported and deposited within 11 miles to 47 miles from the source. 6.2. Aspect impact analysis. We can further drill down to find out the impacts of various processes or aspects carried out in the cement factory at a micro level. This is known as aspect Impact analysis which is a methodology followed in the Environment management system
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