Environmental Impacts Of Global Warming

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Global warming What is global warming? Well the name speaks for itself, through a combination of processes mostly human activities are causing the Earth’s surface temperature to rise. These processes increase levels of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere adding to the natural greenhouse effect of the planet causing the upsurge in the average temperatures. The natural greenhouse effect of the Earth is an ingenious biologic system of the Earth which once radiation from the sun reaches the planet, the ozone layer traps the radiation in the atmosphere producing heat and warmth. The increase in levels of pollutants such as carbon dioxide, methane and chlorofluorocarbons are causing a thickening of the ozone layer creating a negative effect of trapping too much radiation from the sun and not allowing the normal release of excess radiation. Deforestation is also contributing greatly to global warming adding to the destructive path us humans are inflicting upon the Earth. Trees and plant life are natural absorbents of carbon dioxide. They collect the CO2 and convert it into oxygen, which not only lessens global warming, but provides us with fresh oxygen. The burning of fossil fuels from industrial factories and transportation systems are another heavy weight on the environment. Unfortunately, this methods of generating energy is predominant. Smoke exhaust is not good for any living thing to intake so how can it be good for the environment? Impacts of Global Warming
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