Environmental Impacts Of Immigration Essay

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Men, women and children all save their money for years in order to pay off the “coyote”, one who will help them make their journey across the U.S/Mexican Border. To make this journey, they have to be prepared and ready to encounter anyone or anything that could possibly happen to them. Every immigrant traveling will encounter a dangerous situation as they are traveling. No one can predict what may happen on this journey but one can only think of the possibilities. Many immigrants preparing to take this journey realize it will not be easy and it will be a life changing event. Each immigrant has to be able to alter their life for this experience. No matter how hard immigrants try to imagine the difficulty of the journey, no one ever truly…show more content…
“Over the past decade, policy-makers and researchers have shown a growing interest in the relationship between human migration and the environment.” (D. McIntyre, J.Weeks, Environmental Impacts of Illegal Immigration on the Cleveland National Forest, 392). Generally, the environmental impacts of migration tend to be within national boundaries. An example of this is San Diego, California. They feel the impact every day due to the immigration patterns from immigrants. During this study researchers found that 130 immigrants died, caused by dehydration as well as hyperthermia. Also drowning is another serious problem which happens when immigrants go without water for a long period of time. When they find a water source they desperately dive into the water face down and drink as fast as they can forgetting to come up for air and drown. When traveling on this journey immigrants find it very challenging to find water and food resources which makes the journey even more difficult. This is due to the fact the immigrants do not know the landscape or the area they are traveling and are not very familiar with having to find the resources they need to survive. It is thought that most
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