Environmental Importance Of Environmental Education

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INTRODUCTION Education is the process that disseminates knowledge, impart necessary skills and helps in forming favourable attitudes and it play crucial role in our society. One of the most basic areas about which to get educated is an understanding of how the systems of life function and how we human fit into them that is what constitutes environment. It seems unquestionable that our environment is subject to an increasing range of pressures, and as a result is suffering from an increasing range of problems. It is high time to understand the environment to protect it and to develop concern and respect for the environment. It is well realized that it is education alone that can bring about a change in individuals perceptions, knowledge and understanding, attitudes and values to act for the environment and become environmentally responsible citizens. Environmental education is widely seen as one important strategy for achieving environmental improvement. Environmental Education mainly aims to make people in the society to be aware, knowledgeable and inculcate positive attitudes toward protection of environment and make them skilled to solve environmental problems so as to enable them to participate in the activities undertaken for the protection of environment. It should convert younger generation into the powerful weapons to fight against the environmental problems. NATIONAL DISCUSSIONS ON ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION Recognizing the importance of Environmental Education,
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