Environmental Issues In Central America

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Now, we have a lot of environmental issues on the earth. That a lot of forest have been destroyed is one of the issues. People have cut a lot of trees for resources or urbanization. In Central America, people also cut a lot of trees and led forest destruction. However, the reason why they started to cut the tree was surprising to me. I will talk about what happened in Central America.
The key is the fast-food. At first, when the fast food was started, the consumption was not so big. Therefore, people in North America could provide themselves enough beef. However, the consumption was getting big, and they came not to be able to provide by themselves. They started to import beef from the farm in Central America. Then in Central America, people
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The cattle were for export to North America. At that time, people in North America were much richer than people in Central America. The beef from Central America was cheap, so people in North America imported and ate a lot. The production of the beef was getting more, but the consumption of the beef in Central America was getting small. They are smaller than a domestic cat in the United States now. At this point, I felt that people in America were like slaves of the North America. They worked hard, but they could not eat much. It is the same as slaves. Even though they were not owned by any rich person, what they did was the same as slaves. They worked for the North American people. The destruction of forest has been issued as an environmental problem for a long time. However, I have never heard about the connection between the fast-food and forest, so this article was really interesting to me. I learn there are a lot of causes of destruction. Also, I could learn the history of America like the situation of North America and Central America. I feel it is interesting that we can find historical stuff while reading the article about environmental
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