Environmental Issues In Construction

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The environmental issue is one of the major problem that is facing globally. This problem is getting worse due to the irresponsible anthropogenic activities which create a huge impact on the environment. There are various ways to order to reduce the environmental issue. One of the ways is promoting green technology. A green technology, also known as a sustainable technology is aimed to meet goals such as occupant health, using resources efficiently such as water and energy and reducing the overall influence to the environment. The implementation of green technology is familiar worldwide, mostly the European countries provide some benefits like incentives or requirements to promote green technology. The approach of sustainable construction will…show more content…
This research is about to highlight the major environmental risks associated with construction projects and to study the green technology issues in construction industry.
There are many challenges facing the world today, among them are sustainable development, which has received encouraging attention since Rio Declaration on Environment and Development was signed up in 1992 Earth Summit. The Rio Summit agreed on a set of action points for sustainable development, collectively referred to as Agenda 21 (agenda for 21st century). Since then, several mechanisms have been carried out on sustainable development to promote balance between the need to continue in business, without seeking output at the cost of the environment and society’s needs (MaSC, 2002).

The term ‘sustainable building’ is gradually more significant to occupants, owners and property developers. More local governments worldwide are adopting green and sustainable building standards and principles or providing financial incentives for sustainable development. Researchers believe that the concept of sustainability in construction cost lower than the conventional method and saves energy by using the resources efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing the risks (Yates,
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Based on a study in developed countries, 30-40% of natural resources were exploited by the building industry, 50% of energy used for heating and cooling in buildings, almost 40% of world consumption of materials converts to build environment and 30% of energy use due to housing (Bourdeau, L., 1999). The construction exploits natural resources without proper control that contributes to the environmental problems. Building sustainably is basically a process of greatest practice that leads to sustainable
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