Environmental Issues In Fashion Industry

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The fashion industry is totally concerned about global climate, ethical and environmental issues, as there is the scarcity of resources and energy in the world. As we all know that there is a vast development in the eco-fashion, it is becoming a global trend, some famous international fashion brands and fashion designers are working on the development of the eco- friendly products.
On the other hand, fashion accessories are getting much more importance in the world. It became a major source of revenue for companies which sold with apparel and many of the investors are willing to invest in fashion accessories more than clothes.
The garment is not complete until or unless it is categorized with some accessory, the total outlook of the
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In the middle of 1970’s people uses handmade and hand crafted fabrics to create accrssories,the use of eco fashion showed from this period.
In 1980’s the market of organic materials was much more in demand,which causes less damage to the environment.
In 1990’s there is the much demand of the sustainable materials which are created by the the natural and eco fashion
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The sustainable materials are much more in amount ,it has been found that there are 600 sustainable materials till now.it has been found that the organic fibers and fabrics are the important part of the apparel market.
Organic fibers includes cotton,wool ,linen which do not need any chemical treatment as compared to bamboo and hemp. Other than the organic fibers there are some materials which can be recycled they are plastic ,paper ,glass and electronic items etc.

Many strategies can be adopted and approached to minimize environmental impact in the fashion and textile industry.

• REDUCE,REUSE,RECYCLE- To generate the minimum amount of waste, the waste hierarchy has taken many forms over the past decade, “Reduce, reuse, and recycle” are the 3Rs in the waste hierarchy, it classify waste management strategies according to their desirability. Reduce is design for minimal use of energy, minimize or eliminate waste material. Reuse refer to use an item more than once, this is a way without reprocessing which help save time, money, energy and resource. Recycle is the third component of the

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