Environmental Issues of Planet Earth

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Is there any other planet around that can welcome us like our planet Earth? We have killed our only chance of survival, our planet. With the increase of population, pollution, climate changing ozone layer depletion and much more harmful issues. Every day our environment is getting worse and this causes many problems that humans and animals are facing. There are many reasons for these problems. For example, if one person throws trash out of his or her car can really affect our planet. As humans, we are born to develop and try to use or brains in the right way, but unfortunately, we are heading the wrong direction. There are many issues, and the most serious environmental concern is pollution. Pollution is the cause of many problems we are facing today. For example global warming and the ozone layer depletion. This isn’t just harmful to us humans but it is also harmful to the environment and animals, we changed everything. Black smoke in every corner, deforestation, desertification, oil in the depth of our sea. Some don 't really realize how special our planet and our home is. For example, the amazon rainforest was full of trees and nature but soon it will be called the amazon desert. Why should we cut down trees, they make us breathe the air that they are creating and on top of that they are cleaning our pollution but we are still getting rid of them. One of the most important life essential is water and they store and purify water, they cure our diseases and give us
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