Environmental Issues In The 21st Century

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The pressing problems of the 21st century, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, floods and droughts need to inform to our society. Degradation of environment is one of the most serious challenges before us (UNEP 2012). Climate change will enhance existing dangers and make new dangers for natural and human systems. Dangers are unevenly circulated and are by and large more noteworthy for disadvantaged individuals and groups in nations at all levels of development. Expanding extents of warming improves the probability of serious, pervasive and irreversible effects for individuals, species and biological systems. Continued high emissions would lead to mostly negative impacts for biodiversity, economic development and amplify risk for food and human security (IPCC 2014). Climate change, global warming, water scarcity, air pollution, loss of biodiversity, poor waste management, land degradation, and sustainable use of natural resources are some of the major environmental problems in the world.
The lack of action on climate change will not only threats our prosperity out of reach of millions of people in the developing world, it also threatens the concept of sustainable development. There is a need to ensure absolute stability of the global climate, which is providing global food, water and energy so by reducing those activities which are the cause of extinction of mass species are likely to avoid (IPCC 2014).
Climate change is a change in the weather patterns that lasts
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