Environmental Issues In The Simpsons Movie

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The Simpsons Movie clearly states an environmental message that many of the characters in the movie play a role in creating this certain message. The different characters in the story would allow the main plot of the story to build up based off of the actions taken by each character when it comes to the environment. Lisa in the movie shows she is clearly self conscience about the environment and has made an effort to help protect the environment in her hometown Springfield. On the other hand, Homer shown in the movie that he doesn’t care about the environment which is proven by his careless act of dumping pig waste in a lake despite the countless warning signs he went through on the way to the lake. Homer’s act would lead the government to…show more content…
In the movie, Lisa was able to identify Springfield Lake as polluted while other people in the movie either disregarded the fact that it was polluted or just didn’t notice the pollution in the lake. Lisa was able to notice that the lake was severely polluted and went as far as to stating the statistics of the severity of the pollution during her presentation to the public. My situation was very similar when I visited the beach during the summer. I notice the considerable amount of garbage in the water which I noticed saw a significant increase from the previous time I went to the same beach a couple of days ago. I did my research on why I noticed an increase of garbage in the water and it was due to the fact that it rained the day earlier which allowed the runoff filled with garbage to seep into the ocean. I was able to notice an environmental issue just like Lisa was able to in the movie which is another reason why I believe Lisa & I are the most closely related.

I believe Lisa’s role in the movie when it comes to environmental issues is most closely related to my life. We both have the ability and will to confront people when it comes to the environmental issues. We also deeply care about the environment more than anybody else and we take notice of an environmental issue when we see it. I feel like Lisa’s ability to care about the environment alone makes me very closely related to her role in the story more than anyone
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