Environmental Justice: Climate Change

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Environmental Justice: Climate Change While there are plenty of pressing issues of the world, one particular issue takes the prize of being the potentially the most damaging and urgent issue that humans have to take on, and that is: climate change. Climate change is a world-wide issue that not only affects every single human’s life, but virtually everything else on the planet if the issue is not resolved. Although global warming currently remains a prominent issue in the world, many organizations such as Greenpeace and the National Resource Defense Council have been taking actions to try to battle the downward spiral of climate change by spreading knowledge about the subject and making efforts in everyday life to make a change. As stated…show more content…
All around the world, “heat waves [are] projected to become more intense,” causing multiple issues such as intense droughts, little to no resources for those in drought areas, possible forced migration to escape the devastation that the heat waves can cause, and extinction of certain species that cannot make it through the intense heat (“Global Climate”). Furthermore, “summer temperatures are projected to continue rising,” which in turn only causes the chances for intense droughts to devastate the Earth (“Global Climate”). Moreover, the “reduction of soil moisture” caused by droughts will cause damage in agriculture, and potentially lead to shortages of resources that will be essential to get through resulting heat waves and droughts (“Global Climate”). These disastrous issues are direct results of climate change, and is something that near future generations will have as a reality if the progression of global warming is not ceased or…show more content…
Such organizations include “Greenpeace”, and organization that informs others of what determinants global warming has caused, and have multiple actions combating it, such as “exposing climate deniers”, informing of domestic actions that an individual can take, being part of protests and doing the simplest of things, like spreading information about the subject (“Fighting Global”). Greenpeace has started a movement called “Keep it in the Ground”, which directly combats one of the biggest contributors to global warming which is the extraction of fossil fuels such as coal. This movement is a action that anyone can take part in, and could possibly make a huge impact if it succeeds in it’s efforts. As climate change progresses, any movement to combat it is more beneficial than allowing to proceed and be a continuous burden to near future
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