Environmental Policy Analysis

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Policy Analysis on Environmental Policy Student’s Name Institution Policy Analysis on Environmental Policy Environmental concerns have increased in importance in national and international spheres, due to the augmented impact of human activities on the natural world. Mostly, governments at all levels are struggling to address the resulting environmental concerns such as wilderness protection, climatic change, endangered species, and energy use among others. Subsequently, policies have been established to handle the mentioned worries; however, the results have been mixed, as some have succeeded and others have failed, due to the absence of proper environmental policy analysis approaches. Ideally, an efficient conservational…show more content…
In essence, the stated review would examine the effect of a policy through researching the what, how, and why of the environmental policy. Equally, the policy evaluation would act as a control loop, which focuses on reducing the uncertainty inherent in policymaking and providing information into the public decision-making process. Mostly, environmental policy analysis relies on the interaction of many interested parties, for instance, government agencies and decision-makers, stakeholders who will be affected by the policy decisions, other interested groups, and policy…show more content…
The first method involves utilizing the perspectives of the various actors in the policy-making process in the policy analysis. Subsequently, an interactive and interpretive analysis methodology such as the participatory and critical theory analysis process would be selected. Equally, the policy analysis about environmental policy typically draws from scientific models of topics that range from air pollution transport to wildlife-forage relationships. For instance, a cost-benefit analysis of protecting endangered species through habitat protection should include a method of estimating the relationship between habitat protection and the endangered species. Consequently, environmental policy analysis would incorporate the ability to understand and work with either researchers or the results of research from a range of different disciplines. Evidently, the interactions of various stakeholders and scientific policy analysis models would enhance the effectiveness of environmental

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