Environmental Pollution And Femining In Pakistan

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Coal we are now exploring in Lakhra, Thar District (Sindh Province) will be utilized for Power generation as part of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The coal fired power plants are under construction at Sahiwal and Pattoki with schedule to be in production and provide power to National Grid early in year 2018. These new power plants are backbone of our industrial usage and reduction in current load shedding. The main focus of the study is to discuss the environmental pollution generated by these industries especially the gravel industry and to establish the health condition of working staff in gravel industry. Environmental pollution elements are atmospheric pollution, effluent pollution, sewerage and drainage, municipal solid waste pollution and industrial/hospitals waist pollution etc. • Environment The definition of “environment” Encyclopedia of Social Sciences is “the total external elements those influences for affecting the life and development of an organism”. Resultant for this is individual organisms or communities, is to eliminate the external or inherent factors in the system. Upon visualization it looks simple but practically distinction between organism and environment is complicated. Factors affecting environment are natural and manmade. The natural factors are global warming, depletion, acid rain, volcanic eruption, earthquake etc. Whereas manmade factors colonization, industrialization, urbanization, accidents and warfare”. (Hussain: March,

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