Environmental Pollution In Kuwait

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Problem of Pollution in Kuwait
It is for sure that environmental pollution is the most appalling in the modern times. Despite of the large scale efforts for preventing it, this problem is still growing rapidly. The leading countries in this regard belong to the western civilization who have taken dramatic measures in order to gain a control over this problem that is threatening the existence of the entire humanity. The countries which still lag behind in using proper regulations and control measures are the developing regions of the world. This problem is also quite prevalent in the Middle Eastern regions. More specifically, Kuwait is facing this problem at a large scale (Al-Baroud et al.). Environmental pollution is a major issue in Kuwait.
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Unlike most other countries that experience pollution from a fewer number of sources, Kuwait has been plagued air, land, noise, thermal, oil, waste water and marine pollution. Although these types vary in terms of their intensity and prevalence, still they present a major threat to the environment of the region. It should be remembered that Kuwait had made the headlines during the Iran Iraq war when the Iraqi army had set fire to most of the oil fields in the region. This act had resulted in alarming levels of air pollution in the region. In the present times, the pollution in the region is being primarily caused by oil refineries, manufacturing units and industrial plants. In terms of the different types of pollution in Kuwait, it has been reported that air and water pollution in the lead (Al-Baroud et al.). The total score of the country in terms of the pollution index is 62.41 (Numbeo.com). Air pollution in the region stands at 62.50 (high) with drinking water pollution also crossing the accepted limits. According to the report that had been released by the World Health Organization (WHO), Kuwait had been ranked among the top 10 most polluted countries in the world. The report had also specified that the level of pollution in Kuwait stands at about 123 ug/m3. This estimate is determined by gathering statistical and qualitative information from the different sources of pollution. As air and water…show more content…
These form of pollutants are more often removed from the communities by local municipal authorities. The reason for which it is named waste water is because of the presence of 99 % water in its composition. The remaining segments of these materials include: bacteria, human waste, detergents, soaps and other related chemicals. In Kuwait, due to the lack of proper sewage management and control measures is the reason for which most of these waste materials are returning to the environment. The developed regions of the world make use of numerous state of the art wastewater management and processing plants. The wastewater materials from the homes are then transferred to processing plants. In addition, these countries are making an efficient use of these sewage for irrigation purposes. The primary areas of investigations in terms of wastewater components are the rising PH levels, biological components, pathogens and other harmful materials. The PH level reported in a number of Kuwaiti regions is above 10 which indicates a high presence of industrial pollutants (Numbeo.com;

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