Environmental Pollution In Malaysia

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Malaysia is a developing country had faced the challenged on environmental sustainability. Environmental problems such as deforestation, household waste, hazardous waste, river quality and other had seriously affect Malaysia environment quality. The most serious issue is the waste disposal which had been increased tremendously every year because of illegal dumping problem. Malaysian government had allocated cleaning and preserving of nature such as the rivers, forest and coastal to improve the quality of the environment. To improve the solid waste management in Malaysia, the system needed to be improve through the application of 3Rs (Badgie, 2010).
Recycling is a term to describe procedure for waste collected, sorted and process into new items
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The eight main rivers such as Sungai Pinang, Sungai Batu Feringghi, Sungai Mas, Sungai Satu, Sungai Kechil, Sungai Kereh, Sungai Pertama and Sungai Jawi which had polluted badly out of 164 rivers in Penang. It showed that the quality river water had deteriorated and the level of pollution increased. For example, Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) urged the Municipal Council of Penang Island (MPPP) and Department of Environment, Drainage and Irrigation Department and the Veterinary Services Department to take action on the pollution issue in Sungai Pinang. This issue had influenced the fisherman of their income and daily living which had threatened. Besides that, CAP also take action to the abattoir owner which can cause pollution or threaten the life style of the local and public well-being, they should relocate to the other site if necessary (Consumers’ Association of Penang, July 2010).
According to Penang Monthly on 22 December 2011, the paper named “Ideas and actions for a green state” has come out a few strategy on enhance the quality of Penang’s people lifestyle on environment and sustainable issues. Examples strategy such as the protection of the environment and reducing impacts of development, improve quality of life through environmental planning, and adaption for future environmental challenges and threats. Activities taken such as Cleaning up of rivers
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The study is aimed to investigate the Penang residences’ perception on environmentally friendly practices. The respondents of residents were chosen to carry out the research in Penang. Georgetown was the main location of the research. The variable of primary interest is the dependent variable which is the intention of residences in Penang. The mediating variables of the research are the attitude, subjective norm and perceived behavioral control. It focused the behavior of residences in Penang towards the green practices and while making decision process on willingness to purchase green products. The independent variables of the research are the salient beliefs such as behavioral beliefs, normative beliefs and control beliefs. It showed the influences of green practices towards the residences in

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