Environmental Pollution In The Body

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Principal factors that determines toxicity of organs and tissues are accumulation of toxins in the body at a higher rate than the body 's process of eliminating them:
Modern pollution is a very considerable burden on the detoxification system of the body. Nowadays, most pollution, especially those we bring into our homes, is unavoidable.
Food is contaminated, to a more or lesser degree by antibiotic drugs, pesticides, additives, industrial fall-out onto crops and animal foodstuffs. Tap water is highly polluted – and undergoes many chemical treatments.Toxins are inescapable
Chronic heavy metal poisoning has become a major problem in modern society, lead, arsenic, nickel, mercury, cadmium and aluminium included under this category. These chemicals drift into, and are accumulated by kidney and brain tissue and affect the immune system. Environmental pollution is mainly responsible for heavy metals held within the body. Industrial waste is mostly responsible. In addition to these industrial sources common accumulations occur from pesticide sprays, cooking utensils, the solder in tin cans, lead and cadmium from tobacco smoke and mercury from amalgam (dental) fillings. Every effort must be made to reduce heavy metal levels.
When toxins so overload the body that it cannot handle them at a fast enough rate, it cannot regenerate tissue integrity and all manner of ill-health will be the result
Detecting the components of client/patient’s previous food – not just for its toxic
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