Environmental Pollution

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Imagine a world where the local wildlife is decimated because of increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due to waste byproduct disposed of by factories and leaking of oil reserves into rivers. The air we breathe is no longer safe, and everyone must wear oxygen masks. There is no longer access to clean water, and citizens must resort to drinking out of dirty water sources. The energy resources we use today and have used since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution are continually wreaking havoc on our planet. They are terrible for animals, humans, and the atmosphere alike. The debate on climate change has impacted the environmental activist community heavily. They believe the toxins released into the atmosphere by fossil fuels are warming the earth incrementally, which is consequently melting the polar ice caps. When temperatures rise and ice melts, the oceans’ water levels increase, which is happening more rapidly than ever before (Glick 1). Our planet could potentially flood if this trend does not stop. It would not only hurt the habitats of polar animals, but also endangers all of Earth’s creatures and humanity as a whole. Today’s top resources, being coal, oil, and natural gas, are terrible for humanity, animals, and plants alike. There has to be better options for the well-being of our wonderful earth. Even though fossil fuels are the world’s main source of energy and are considered to be the best option, there are cleaner, more efficient forms such as wind,
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