Environmental Pollution: The Negative Effects Of Environmental Pollution?

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Over the years, environmental pollution has seen an epidemic growth. Environmental pollution becomes the critical part of our environment. The pollution is increasing day by day and it has a negative impact on the environment. it has many types air pollution, water pollution, land pollution. This report demonstrates that what factors are responsible for pollution? And why the pollution increasing day by day?

Over the past few years there has been increasing global concern over the public health impacts attributed to environmental pollution. Environment means “everything around us” and the word pollution means “any material that is harmful for the environment”. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines pollution as ‘the presence of a substance in the
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1. Agriculture Sources: These include waste material produces by crops and animal dunks. They also include the chemicals left over of all pesticides and fertilizers.
2. Mining Sources: Mining source includes coal refuse and slag. Mining and forestry activities that clear the land surface. Additionally, such as iron and copper leads from mining practices leach into the soil, polluting it and leaving it exposed to water bodies as well.
3. Industrial Sources: This includes paints, chemical and aluminum and so on that are produces in the process of manufacturing goods.
4. Sewage Treatment: Wastes that are left over after sewage has been treated, biomass sludge and settled solids. Some of these are sent directly to landfills.
5. Construction Sources: These include waste like debris, wood, metals and plastics that are produced from construction activities.
6. Chemicals and Oil Refinery: In chemical industries, wastes have been removes from chemicals and then throw into landfills. Effects of Land

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